Sandryds AB was founded in 1991. Our brands South West and Smila offer a competitive, modern and attractive range with everything from simple basic t-shirts to elaborate work pants. We have a quick support and a high level of service. We can also offer customized productions. We have the expertise to offer custom design where we help our customers to idea, design, develop and ultimately produce unique and customized products. Sandryds works primarily through dealers and partners in the Scandinavian market but also in the international market. Our head office is in Kungsbacka, just south of Gothenburg. In total, we have around 40 employees at Sandryds.

South west

South West has a focus on clothing for people with an active lifestyle. We want our clothes to have a comfortable fit with a sporty look. The assortment also includes functional garments made especially for exercise and exercise.

Our goal is to offer clothes that you like to wear – because it is good looking, practical and with a great quality. But also because South West drives questions about what is healthy and true in terms of materials and manufacturing. We make a big staking in our Sustainable Choice collection. It should grow. We add new garments all the time.

Smila workwear

Smila is a set of values, which we consider important to create the unique Smila feeling. Together, it makes your work clothes from Smila more modern with a good fit, the right material for the task with the opportunity to choose the organic line today and tomorrow.