We don’t follow in the footsteps of others.

Not since our hike in the Monitor Mountain Range in Nevada, the day when we got the idea for our footwear. Even back then we had a different mindset. We realized that it was possible to create a new generation of safety footwear based on technical hiking boots. It was the basis for our brand, which we named after the mountain range where we got our inspiration. The brand Monitor had come into existence. The ability to change mindset. To see what others are not seeing, to break with convention and forge our own path – doing things our own way is the essence of our brand.

Since its inception, Monitor has developed into a strong player across Europe and has over a hundred different models in both clothing & shoes in its latest collection.

Safe and smart design

Our motto Safe & Smart sums up exactly what our design work is all about. That safety always comes first. This is something we never compromise with. Each shoe must have the highest possible rating in its respective protection class. But we attach equal importance to the design and styling of our footwear and clothes. In this work we are inspired by our environment and trends, as well as by new technology and new Materials. This provides us with plenty of new opportunities for both aesthetic and functional designs. Our own unique style that we are very proud of.

Founded: 2006

Offers: Shoes & clothing

Ownership: Båstad Gruppen AB

Office & warehouse: Ängelholm, Sweden