Båstad-Gruppen acquires Top Swede


Båstad-Gruppen AB has taken over Top Swede Konfektion AB from founders Jonas Sjölander and Teresa Hadzic, thereby further strengthening its position as a leading supplier to specialist industry and construction dealers.

“We’re extremely pleased to announce Top Swede is joining the family. The takeover is in line with our strategy of becoming a comprehensive supplier of occupational clothing, shoes and gloves,” Båstad-Gruppen CEO Jonas Cedås comments. 

Top Swede’s collection and brand have experienced positive development in recent years. With the acquisition of Top Swede, Båstad-Gruppen, which already owned brands like South West and Smila, becomes an even more comprehensive supplier of occupational and branded clothing.

“We believe there is room on the market for a strong, independent, long-term actor that can offer an all-inclusive range of clothing, shoes and gloves through stockists on the Nordic market. That’s the position we’re aiming for. Our acquisition of Top Swede is a key step on the way to achieving that,” Jonas Cedås explains.

“We’re convinced that Top Swede will continue its positive development now that it’s joined Båstad-Gruppen, and that it will prove a valuable addition to the group’s current range as the latter keeps expanding,” Jonas Sjölander, one of Top Swede’s founders, comments.

“We look forward to remaining on board to develop Top Swede’s range and strengthen our presence on the market through Båstad-Gruppen’s wide customer base,” co-founder Teresa Hadzic adds.

About Båstad-Gruppen 

Båstad-Gruppen unites the Nordic vendors of Monitor, South West, Smila and ATG. The group is part of Storskogen, a private enterprise group with a turnover of roughly SEK 10 billion. Båstad-Gruppen’s own turnover is estimated at SEK 600 million for 2021.

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Christer Hansson, Chairman of the Board of Båstad-Gruppen and Head of Trade at Storskogen, 

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